Safeguarding children in education social work essay

For instance, the physical abuse of children can be seen in the context of the prevailing values in our society, where there is a degree of acceptance of violence as a legitimate means of attaining ends. My school liaises regularly with other childcare agencies, such as health visitors, the local slough, ensure that all staff is trained to recognise any signs of abuse and any concerns directed to the nursery school will then be treated with absolute confidentiality and sensitivity.

The first report of the Munro review echoed this literature review in suggesting that the challenges posed to the social work profession in relation to the recruitment and retention of staff ongoing particularly in the face of intense media and public security.

So neglect and exploitation may have existed but were accepted. Munro, highlighted the importance of social workers training and professional development in supporting system change related to child protection. All organisation work in partnership. They can also be a victim of cyber bullying.

The Stationery Office [online]. In the case of Victoria Climbie agencies did not follow the policies and procedures correctly and did not do their duty of care and keep her safe. Several definitions of neglect have been proposed. All files have to be locked awayall information on the computer has to be locked with passwords.

This should include a child-centred approach and an understanding of the power dynamics of childism as an example of anti-oppressive practice. Safeguarding in the 21st Century — Where to Now.

Firstly, assessment focuses on the parents and secondly, on children. Transitional change occurs when a problem is recognised in the current reality that need to be solved with a new way of operating Anderson and Anderson, There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Our school bond by 1st thing CRB they checked when u join a school.

This review examined the following: The debate surrounding child abuse has now moved away from disbelief that it occurs, to legal and academic discussion as to what parameters it includes Boss If being alone with the child cant be avoided keep a door open and stay where you can always be seen.

Safeguarding: Abuse and Children

The parent needs to be able to understand and trust the work we do in the setting. It is sometimes difficult to assess the significance of the information about a child, to gauge its seriousness and decide what to do next.

Child neglect can also incorporate a situation in which there is a failure to provide conditions which are essential for the health, physical and emotional development of the child.

NCOSS also sought commitments from the government and the other parties to develop a comprehensive industry plan for the non-government human services sector. Stickers and badges are a good way also because the child can show off their good work or behaviour to peers, other members of staff and their parents.

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Guidelines and policies make practitioners aware that there is need to risk assess a wide range of situations within the childcare setting, on trips. Universal parenting education erg: However, weaknesses in recruitment practices remain in some services, for example in the timeliness of checks on people who apply for approval as adopters resulting in delays in decision- making by adoption panels.

Secondly, it will focus on more recent government child protection policy responses and reforms, the Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW which specifically identified challenges and gaps in the NSW child protection system.

Child protection concerns that could identify a particular child are kept confidential and only shared with persons who need to know this information. Under the Social Work (Scotland) Act, local authority social work depart-ments replaced children, welfare, health and probation committees.

Local authorities also took over responsibility for. - MU Develop and implement policies and procedures to support the safeguarding of children and young people.

Outline the current legislation that underpins the safeguarding of children and young people within own UK home nation. The current legislations for safeguarding children where defined in the children act of. Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care Task A Booklet Create a booklet about safeguarding, which can be used as a reminder for people who work in the care profession.

The booklet must: Ai Describe in your own words what is meant by the following types of abuse: • Physical abuse – Body harm. Making reference to children’s and survivors’ voices, describe the social work response to a child’s disclosure of child abuse.

(Nelson S () See Us, Hear Us. Dundee. Violence is Preventable) This essay was set for an essay question of 3, words for a second-year social work module focused on child protection.

Bandele () on his report on safeguarding training within the education sector inferred that schools need to offer appropriate safeguarding training to all staff in order to ensure, they are confident about their day-to-day work in terms of safeguarding children (Munro, ).

The manager is the designated safeguarding co-ordinator and been on the training EYFS ( ) ‘a practitioner must be designated to take the lead responsibility for safeguarding children in every setting the lead practitioner must attend a child protection training course that enables them to identify, understand and respond.

Safeguarding children in education social work essay
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