Effect of social media on the umbrella movement

It did so by sustaining both longstanding networks of labor opposition, by facilitating new connections among middle-class youth opposed to the regime, and by supporting the circulation of stories about regime repression and police brutality.

Activists have been arrested and had their residences searched, [6] police have demonstrated elevated levels of violent suppression and brutality. When looking specifically at those with a college education, use of social media for obtaining political information is more prevalent than in other segments of the population.

Media speculated from her Facebook account that the reason may have been her support for the movement and her attendance at the occupation site.

Radio programs, in light of the continuing challenge to find advertising sponsorship, are beginning to shift online. He was carried off with his hands tied behind his back by seven police officers; then officers took turns to punch, kick and stamp on him for about four minutes.

Wong was held for 46 hours, released by police at Arab-American television, on the other hand, has yet to even really find a place amid the satellite programming available from Arab countries.

Tracing the history of Hong Kong’s umbrella movement

The fact is there was no recognized leader. In Causeway Bay, people hung a yellow banner on the Times Square clock tower. Newspapers have made the greatest inroads here so far, with most offering at least some form of digital content, while still maintaining print versions for older generations and those who prefer a physical newspaper.

Click here for all the latest Occupy Central stories One image captured by Tao and posted on photo-sharing platform Instagram showed protesters with their backs turned, hands covering their ears as they scrambled to safety from the plume of tear gas smoke just metres away.

Arab-American Media

Journalists were also attacked. The first wave of novitiates, about 50 in number, many of whom were born in the new millennium having political aspirations and disillusioned with the political establishment and affected by the Umbrella Movement, contested the district council elections.

Umbrella Movement

Tear-gassed tweeter began social media explosion heard around the world. With all these digital functions, it is believed that people can have diversified angle to see and discover more.

They felt it was unfair that nominees for the top job in the former British colony would be pre-screened and that they had been robbed of a promise.

The Umbrella Movement – The Role of Mainstream & Social Media?

Martin Leewho was at the scene, said that "triad elements" had initiated scuffles with police "for reasons best known to themselves". Approximately half of our respondents were actively documenting and sharing images of the protests. Some of the demonstrators brought umbrellas with them to shield themselves from the hot sun and pepper spray.

If the streets have not been cleared by then, travellers will get a glimpse of a mass campaign that would not be tolerated on the mainland.

No arrests were made as the protesters were on private property. They accused the paper of biased reporting. The developers of FireChat said the app was downloaded more thantimes in Hong Kong in just 24 hours.

John Lennon's song " Imagine " is often quoted on pro-democracy posters and banners, and became one of the anthems of the occupation.

Until then it had been one of the few popular websites not already banned on the mainland, where internet access is tightly restricted. A few of them have reportedly been taken away by mainland Chinese police.

Former Democratic Party lawmaker Cheung Man-Kwong claimed the occupy campaign was in a "very dangerous situation," and urged them to "sit down and talk, in order to avoid tragedy". While Facebook and Twitter are among the big players already banned, Chinese alternatives such as Weibo deleted a record posts for every 10, — five times higher than normal — as the protests kicked off.

He was charged with "access to computer with criminal or dishonest intent", the first such arrest since the protests began.

It further helps to encourage and connect more people, especially the young generation to participate. Richard Bush recently delivered testimony on the impact of the "Umbrella Movement" in Hong Kong before the Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Within a week, the umbrella has become an easily recognizable, nearly ubiquitous symbol of solidarity. While the current protests could certainly have happened without the Internet, social media. The Umbrella Movement The civil disobedience actions opened up debate within and outside Hong Kong as to its effect on the rule of law.

Media sources suggest that some movement activists' names are on the PRC blacklist for inbound travel. Richard Bush recently delivered testimony on the impact of the "Umbrella Movement" in Hong Kong before the Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Since social media is conceived of as “insurgent” during controversial times, we expect to see a significant link between the use of social media for political news and anti-establishment attitudes during the Umbrella Movement.

Would the Umbrella Movement have occurred if social media platforms did not exist? Introduction In response to the NPCSC decision regarding the Chief Executive electoral reform of HKSAR on 31 Augusttwo student-led groups the Scholarism and Hong Kong Federation of Students began boycotting class and protesting outside the .

Effect of social media on the umbrella movement
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