Antisocial networking essay about hilary stout article

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The article by Hilary Stout is called “Antisocial networking: experts wonder if technology keeps children connected or diminishes their ability to read social cues and. Oct 06,  · This video is unavailable. Show only items where. Author. Antisocial Networking Essay About Hilary Stout Article DED 61 19 June Antisocial Networking: Children and Technology In the NY Times Article “ Antisocial Networking ” by Hilary Stout explains how friendships with teens and pre-teens develop through technology.

In the article, "Antisocial Networking", Hilary Stout makes a very interesting argument against the use of social media but, I believe that overall, it has more pros then cons.

The use of social media can be helpful for teens by allowing them to connect with fellow media users on a more convenient level without barriers such as distance.

Antisocial networking essay about hilary stout article
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