Analysing equality and diversity in social care

Common Core Strategic Principles Leaders in the care sector have a responsibility to promote diversity and equality across each business area. Harassment Advice Equality analysis The Public Sector Equality Duty PSED requires organisations to consider the potential and actual impact on equality of all their policies, procedures, decisions, informal practices, etc.

Does information need to be provided in alternative formats, such as audio or Braille. The promotion of equality and diversity within the workplace is often about the prevention of discrimination, even if this is unintentional.

What is Equality and Diversity.

Introduction to Equality and Inclusion in Health and Social Care

Your patients and service users are individual people. This action takes form of being name-calling and teasing. Staff have a responsibility to promote equality and diversity across all areas of their work, providing a service that is fair, personalised and diverse.

Theses and dissertations university Theses and dissertations university very short essay on subhash chandra bose. How to Write a Summary of an Article. Children and young people that have disabilities or impairment are sometimes deprived of the equality of opportunity with their non-disabled class peers.

The development of an equality and diversity policy Ensuring that your workforce have read and understand the policy Providing all staff with the opportunity to complete equality and diversity training as part of their induction and provide regular refresher training to reflect changes in legislation Promoting individual requirements and developing tailored care plans Finding out what your service users expect from the services that they are accessing.

Depending on their religion or belief, the care you provide to the patient will vary, as certain religions disallow certain healthcare practices. They are seen as being a part of the community even if they need particular help to live their full life within the community.

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Keep a record of your consideration as appropriate Continue to monitor impact as necessary. People of all ages are entitled to equal care. Religion and belief This characteristic refers to a person who follows any religion including atheism or who holds any philosophical belief.

The Vital Connection equalities framework Aims to put values of equality, fair treatment and social inclusion firmly at the centre of NHS workforce policy and practice.

She shares her experience with Bug Free Services and the treatment. You can get help from the settings policies and procedures on diversity, equality and inclusion.

Equality & Diversity in Health & Social Care Quiz

We would welcome additional examples for this site so please contact Sara Smith if you would like to share your analysis. Next, encourage staff members to think about what matters to each person in your setting. Beliefs are the premises we make about ourselves, about others in the universe and about how we expect things to be.

It must be addressed because if you do not respond and just let the incident pass you are contributing to the person feeling that it is acceptable to speak or behave that way. Equality and diversity are key components in the delivery of quality care services.

The European Convention protects the human rights of people in states that belong to the Council of Europe. Providing equal care for everyone should ensure that these imbalances are addressed. Since the last comprehensive reappraisal inthe Health Belief Model HBM has continued to be the focal point of considerable theoretical and research attending.

For the NHS, this means making it more accountable to the patients it serves and tackling discrimination in the work place. Life course influences and well-being in later life: Without the basic knowledge of equality and diversity, it can be difficult to get people to promote and support it.

Drumhead consequences provide significant empirical support for the HBM, with findings from prospective surveies at least every bit favourable as those obtained from retrospective research.

People of all disabilities are entitled to equal care. For illustration a individual who does non hold English as their first linguistic communication may necessitate a transcriber in order to understand the services available and to show a pick about them. What are the specific issues that people with any of the protected characteristics as defined in the Equality Act may have.

Equality and Inclusion in Health and Social Care

For example; failing to provide the appropriate facilities and services in organising activities in a way that ignores the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of a certain child. Film essay conclusion help Film essay conclusion help dissertation consumer intention to return essay about countries homecoming queen essay essay dunbarton robert lowell ablaufplanung beispiel essay le droit de vote des femmes en france dissertation abstracts persuasive essay on the importance of being earnest gifted and talented education application essay great oaks from little acorns grow essay help.

All employees should have a comprehensive understanding of the principles, practices and legislation so they can properly apply them in their day to day activities.

Defining Equality and Diversity Before promoting equality and diversity within a care setting, you should understand what they mean Equality is about ensuring that all service users can access the same opportunities regardless of lifestyle, ability or background.

To make this, the diverseness of the population has to be recognised, in policy development through to serve bringing and patient attention, admiting the diverse experiences, aspirations and demands of staff, patients and service. A health and social care worker should ensure that through their work, service users are treated fairly and equally and each service user they are responsible for is treated with dignity and respect.

For example, occupational segregation. April 20, 6 min read Equality and diversity are essential components of health and social care. This involves organising care and support packages which are tailored to the individual requirements of the service user, recognising differences and reducing inequality.

Equality and diversity is becoming more important in all aspects of our lives and work for a number of reasons: We live in an increasingly diverse society and need to be able to respond appropriately and sensitively to this diversity.

Learners in the healthcare setting will reflect this diversity around gender, race and ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, class and age.

Diversity and Equality in Health and Care is an Open Access publication which ensures that, once a paper has been accepted and edited, there is no lengthy wait for publication and it is available to the widest possible readership with no pay-wall barrier.

Equality and diversity Cathie Jones Unit 2 By Sarah Lamb P1: Explain the concepts of equality, diversity and right in relation to health and social care.

Promoting Equality and Diversity in Health and Social Care

Equality – being equal, especially in rights, status or opportunities. Equality & Diversity On the completion of this unit a learner should. Understand concepts of equality, diversity and rights in relation to health and social care. Nov 20,  · The concept of equality in heath and social care means a medical professional does not weigh the following factors nor allow personal biases to dictate care based on.

an explanation of the concepts of equality, diversity and rights in relation to health and social care a description of discriminatory practice in health and social care a description of the potential effects of discriminatory practice on service users of health or social care.

Analysing equality and diversity in social care
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